Still trying to get back

My HEART for each and every time

Its been ages since the last time i visited you=) 
Been trying to figure out things lately and questioning why things happen. 
I have not felt this kind of pain for years and my sadness 2 months ago didn't amount to this *sigh* (Uyeah,in times like this i need juicy fruit gum. =D) 
Funny how i'm still having a hard time to let go and move forward, move forward without looking back instead of bathing myself with those negativity.

"We need to understand, though, that God has given us the grace to live today. He has not yet given us TOMORROW's grace. When we get to tomorrow, we'll have the strength to make it through."

And so i will "TRY" to let go and let things be.....
 Thank God I am stuffed with faith, hope,patience and love.

wondering what she's asking and praying

Another nonsense post. Just saying


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