The story of us #3: "Faith really binds, parang mighty bond"

 Our relationship was once a bit sickly. But today it is not only thriving its healthy and much stronger parang naka vitamins.=) Shane and I doesnt have a perfect relationship//marriage but God sees to it that each day we are heading towards in that direction. We were together now for 11 years and im proud of it!(that 1dekada mahigit is quite long and tough) And i still have the rest of my life to spend with him and get to know him more....and more..Im very much thankful that we still have each other, thats why many were asking if we have secret formulas or whatever..siguro..mmmm..ewan..maybe he's my no.1 fan?connection?wala lang feel ko lang itype,tapos in his eyes syempre im the most beautiful one,oha!vice versa.Im his no.1 fan din and siya ang derek ramsay ng buhay ko:) (di ko talaga ma connect sa secret formula) Maybe i can make him laugh real hard.(kumonek na ba?)tapos may tag isa kaming voodoo doll kaya pag my something isang tusok lang understood agad no more arguments.JOKE!baka may maniwala mapgkamalan pa kaming witch.Kidding aside wala talgang formula formula to achieve happy relationship.Wala kayang perfect yung amin lang.natural lang dapat and everything goes. The usual drama kasi 5 or 6 years together many would declare that love has died at ang matindi it disappeared into thin air(wow ang astig naman nun). For me instead of picking up they just let it go kaya ganun, siguro tinamad na i work out. Siguro nga were lucky with each other compatible din though in some ways we are opposites.Tapos we love each other unconditionally without even knowing why or how.kaya we still have each other.Weve shared so many tears(oo he knows how to cry)hardships and sacrifices as in everything (hindi lang talaga third party pero birthday party npag awayan na..) We didnt expect na ma lalagpasan namin lahat proven and tested na may foundation pa( for now).Dun sa mga tao na alam yung pinagdaanan namin super hands down sila pero shempre never ending ang story..never ending ang life na parang roller coaster ride. Kaya alam ko na marami pang bagay na naghihintay sa amin..i know maraming pa din doubtful and so what. Many are still waiting and wishing for our separation..showbizzzz ba? bard pitt ba at angelina??good luck talga sa amin..

Looking back ang sarap ng feeling..lagi nalang namin iniisip na kung di dahil sa mga tao sa paligid di kami magiging driven sa buhay namin at magtatagal ng ganito. Thank you for inspiring us we took it positively and we learned..FAITH REALLY BINDS AND IT'S SOMETHING WE SHARE,,MAYBE THAT'S WHY...and everything follows...kanya kanyang diskarte land siguro yun ang formula:)

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