Mommy Moments - LOVE YOU DAD

There are no words on how to describe their dad as a father. Because for us he's simply the BEST. 
We thank you for the sacrifices. Being away just to give us a better future is not that easy.

We may not say it everyday but God knows how much we love you and that we are proud of you.

Thank you for everything, Dad
We love you and miss you so much .

My 3rd entry for

mommy moments


MommyLES said...

aw.ang hirap ng malayo ang daddy..i've been through it..kalurkey..things that Dads have to do for their family..visiting for MM..Love You Dad

Vhen said...

ang hirap talga pag malayo ang daddy pero para naman sa family un... nakakamiss tuloy nuh? hihihi

returning the visit.. follower mo na rin ako, hope you follow back thanks!

STEF said...

Hooray to the dads that exert all the efforts and sacrifices! Here is my MM entry . Have a nice weekend!

Tintin.Tetay said...


Returning the visit. Thanks for sharing.

chubskulit said...

Love that last shot!

Thanks for peeking at Dad, We Love You entry. Have a good weekend.

Cheerful said...

great pictures with thousands of memories to share! love your post, very lovely! visiting you from MM and wishing you a great weekend!

Chris said...

beautiful and heartfelt post! :D happy mommy moments. see you next week!

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